Jodi Watters.


The past is hot on her heels.

On the run and out of options, a desperate Ali Ross knows two things for sure...


Her ugly past will eventually catch up to her. And when it does, she'll need a strong and loyal man to help her face the danger head on or risk losing everything. Including her freedom.

The girl is hard on his heart.

Looking for love and having no luck, former Army Ranger Sam Gleeson knows two things for sure...


His mysterious new neighbor is wreaking havoc on his heart. And her sweet and seductive charm is playing a captivating game with his head. Despite her secrets.

Hiding from a violent ex-husband, Ali knows the law can't help her. She also knows someone like Sam can. Fearing for her life, she hatches a shamelessly impulsive plan that's as old as time. She's willing to do whatever it takes to ensure her safety, and that includes doing the sexy soldier next door. But when their searing chemistry blazes so hot it burns them both, Ali's hidden agenda seals an unimaginable fate.

Hope Coleson is having a doozy of a day.

Wrongly terminated from her menial waitressing job? Check.

Abruptly evicted from her run down apartment with prime views of a graffiti painted dumpster? Double check.

Thoroughly bedded by a smoking hot man with smooth moves and zero communication skills? Triple X check.

And it doesn't end there. Estranged family members are showing up like bad pennies, her precious savings account has been wiped clean, and she may or may not have a stalker.


So what's a desperate girl to do, but try her hand at love?

Beckett Smith doesn't make mistakes.

 Yes, he drinks his way to the bottom of a beer bottle or six, on one too many occasions. 

Sure, he's a well-educated man who prefers to communicate at a level only slighter higher than your average poodle.

And yeah, he lost his legendary control and slept with his boss's sister, stripping
her of more than just her clothes before making a quick getaway.

Only it doesn't end there. Isolation isn't providing the peace he's seeking, the boss he considers a friend is ready to hand him a beat down and a pink slip, and the girl he can't stop thinking about is suddenly parked on his doorstep.


So what's a jaded guy to do, but take a chance on love?   

First comes love...


Some people said that love and hate couldn't coexist.

That such polarizing emotions could never be assigned to one singular thing at the same time.

That much like roller coasters or Brussels sprouts, you either felt love or you felt hate, but never both.

Common ground was nowhere to be found, forcing a person to pick a side.

Olivia Quinn would tell those people that they'd never met Asher Coleson.

Never met him. Never touched him. Never loved him.

And never hated him.

Then comes hate...


Asher Coleson hadn't always lived his life from the outside looking in.

That neat little trick of the mind started somewhere around four years ago.

Right about the time he'd gone to sleep one night living the American dream and woken up the next morning in his own private nightmare.

Considering he was a front lines defender of that American dream, it was irony at its best.


But that didn't change his life story.


Magic to tragic, in less time than it took paint to dry.

Have a Heart

Full Jacket Love.




My love for steamy romance began when I was in junior high. A friend and I noticed a dumpster of discarded paperbacks behind our local dime store. Covers missing and each book split down the spine, I scanned the pages for any love or lust words—and curse words, too. From that point on, I scoured the public library and the paperback racks at every store, reading anything labeled romance. I said a tearfully grateful goodbye to Judy Bloom, and Jackie Collins began ruling my world.

I live with my high school sweetheart husband in the desert Southwest. Awesome in the winter, not so much in the summer.

My life long goals are to think before I speak, smile more and swear less, and actually weigh what my driver's license states I do. 



                        2016  Jodi  Watters